How to get high marks at University

Amongst my friends from economics classes these decades ago, the one who always got the highest marks – and not just because he understood this stuff better than the rest of us – was the one who took the fewest notes. He would write down only what the lecturer said more than once, got the wording exactly right, and would then be sure to write these words back on the exams. A superior strategy which I am reminded of by reading this: How to Cope With Your Prof’s Left-wing Bias. It wasn’t at the same level as today, although possibly no one really noticed since we were all Keynesians then (and therefore all socialists). But here’s the advice:

To get the best possible grade, students may need to pander to their professors’ left-wing ideology.

Professors are much more likely to be progressives than they are to be moderate or conservative. Law professors are no exception. Progressive professors view progressive views as a sign of intelligence, and conservatism as a sign of stupidity. For example, Prof. Robert Brandon, head of Duke University’s philosophy department, argued that conservatives are rare in academia because they are stupid.

He is talking about law, but it applies in all the humanities and social sciences, and absolutely in economics. Just ask yourself, how bizarre is it that virtually all academic economists (along with their idiot graduates) are socialists of one kind or another. Same everywhere, but among economists it is the greatest disgrace since they are supposed to know how an economy works, and if you are a socialist who never discusses the role of an entrepreneur you clearly do not.

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