And here’s to you Tommy Robinson

Brought across from Ace of Spades

Tommy Robinson Freed as British Judges Quash the Charges Against Him; He Awaits a New Trial for His Violation of the Unofficial, But Real, British Anti-Islamic-Blasphemy Law

—Ace of Spades

Britain had placed a gag order on any reportage about the prosecution of a Muslim rape-gang. Tommy Robinson showed up at the court where the trail was being held — outside — and talked about it. Though I don’t believe he had any new information to report. He reported what most people already knew — despite the egregious gag-order, word gets out, you know? — and the cops arrested him for it, and immediately threw him into a prison with a lot of Muslim inmates.

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Marina Ivanovsky@marinaivanovsky

“Tommy Robinson freed as judges quash contempt ruling”✌️
Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett & two other judges in London quashed a finding of contempt made against Robinson at Leeds Crown Court in May when sentenced to 13 months in jail. 

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Hahaha Tommy’s out and being savage to the fake news media.

Ann Coulter


“It was unclear what conduct was said to comprise a breach” … Tommy Robinson “was sentenced on the basis of conduct which fell outside the scope of that order.” 

Tommy Robinson freed on bail after court quashes conviction

Former EDL leader wins challenge against his conviction for contempt of court

The Rebel


BREAKING: @ezralevant vs. Antifa “losers” outside London courthouse, where Tommy Robinson has just won his appeal. MORE video and details to come at  |

Ezra Lavant notes that the antifa protesters are “as white as the Ku Klux Klan.”

Ezra Levant 🇨🇦


If there was a fatwa on your head, and your prison food was cooked by prisoners in a Muslim gang, would you eat anything unsealed? Tommy’s family or friends would have arranged for outside food. But starvation, along with solitary confinement, was Theresa May’s order. A scandal.

Katie Hopkins


Before. After. The British State fattens up Jihadis on taxpayers cash, starves an innocent man imprisoned by a kangaroo court #TommyRobinson

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View image on Twitter

Ezra Levant 🇨🇦


So we now know, irrefutably, from the Lord Chief Justice himself, that Tommy Robinson was improperly tried, improperly convicted, improperly sentenced and improperly treated in prison. Every single element of his treatment was illegal. Everything. He was a political prisoner.

Ezra Lavant says the world is a little freer today, but is it? The governments now in open revolt against their own people have made their point — defy us, and we will send men with guns to throw you in jail and maybe get murdered.

I think that message will be heard much louder than the message that they freed Tommy Robinson after unjustly imprisoning him.

And this isn’t necessarily the end of it: While the contempt charge was tossed out for judicial errors, the state may, and likely will, seek to re-try him. Robinson is only out on bail awaiting this new trial. He hasn’t been declared innocent, nor have the underlying charges been declared null and void.

Also see this Ezra Lavant thread, about the lying, corrupt BBC.

Update: I posted this yesterday, but if you missed it, watch Sargon of Akkad’s video essay on Britain’s increasingly aggressive enforcement of Islamic sharia law.

If you don’t have the full 20 minutes, watch 4:10 to 9:20 or so.

Note: Commenters are saying that while Robinson founded the EDL, he renounced it and quit it after it was infiltrated by racist elements. (Anti-semitic elements, mostly, if I remember right.)

I knew he had denounced those elements but I didn’t realize he’d quit his own organization over it.

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