The left are like locusts. They cannot help destroying

From Sarah Hoyt, where I have extracted her core argument which really gets to the heart of things as they now are. Her title is: The Left are the Locusts of Culture.

There is a scene in Independence Day where the character mind-melds with the alien, and receives a sudden understanding of the peril the Earth is in.

Quoting from memory, he says something like “They’re like locusts. They move from planet to planet, take everything it has to give and move on.”

For some time now, I’ve thought this applies to the left. Certainly, entire fields of endeavor, entire expanses of human knowledge, science, and interest, seem to collapse in the wake of an infestation by the left….

I don’t know if it’s possible for any field to stand in the face of such an onslaught. Perhaps an unskilled labor field, where it doesn’t matter which pair of hands is doing things, and the requirements are minimal.

Certainly not any field that requires expertise, specialized techniques or even – like mere writing – craftsmanship.

And because they’re everywhere and attacking all at the same time, even in fields of endeavor you’d think would be beneath their notice, we risk a systemic collapse of society….

Yes, sure, many people on our side think that’s what the left wants. They’re not even wrong, insofar as there are some on the left who want it, but the majority? The majority have no idea of the complex interweb of relationships, or the weave of technology, finance and just plain work that allows them their comfortable first world lives. They have no idea what it would mean if it collapsed….

Let’s be frank, the left don’t really mean to destroy anything, any more than the locusts mean to destroy farmers’ crops. They don’t even have an understanding of farmers’ crops or of destroying, just like the left doesn’t understand economics or society enough to know what they’re doing.

In the end, locusts want to survive and to make more locusts… and the left wants the same, which is why no club, no hobby, no field of endeavor will be left alone. They must enforce their way of thinking and their image of the world everywhere until in the ruins of a destroyed world there stand a group of leftists discussing the wonders of Marx and preening for the few survivors.

The analogy is near perfect, but not quite exact. The ones who are left standing could not care less about Marx or ideology but only about the plunder they have gained for themselves through their lies and deceit. Worse still, the problem is much deeper since even those on the right cannot imagine the collapse that will follow from the success of the left. They see the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and even then think it can’t happen here. But it can if we firstly fail to understand how much is genuinely at risk, and then secondly, fail to treat the problem with the seriousness that it deserves.

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