Victoria’s Venezuelan future

Victoria’s Venezuelan future is foreshadowed by this article on the front page of The Age today: Dust, grime, filthy toilets: principals speak out about dirty schools. Essentially it is about the Victorian Government finally having run out of other people’s money and their consequences:

Aggrieved parents are complaining to principals about the dirty conditions at some state schools following an Andrews government overhaul of school cleaning….

The Andrews government slashed more than 100 state schools’ cleaning contracts across Melbourne and replaced them with just eight.

Principals say the hours of cleaning they receive has been significantly reduced under the new arrangements, which came into effect in July.

One Melbourne school has lost 500 hours of cleaning a year.

The supposed aim was to raise the wages of school cleaners with the result that schools are not being cleaned as well and as thoroughly. And why not spend more money for the same outcome. Because, as is quite apparent, the Victorian government can no longer afford it.

1 thought on “Victoria’s Venezuelan future

  1. Less money for cleaners would be needed if the schools simply changed their discipline policies to punish students who litter. My wife is a teacher and tells me it is unbelievable how the kids just drop wrappers or peels or germy tissues all over the place. And no teacher is game to say “Pick that rubbish up’ to a kid in the playground…

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