Funny business

Which funny enough was posted on the same day as this which is as humourless and dreary as anything you might find.: Thanks To Comedy, Nobody Has Laughed Since Trump Became President. Here’s a sample:

Ever since Donald Trump became president, I’ve tried to laugh, but it hasn’t worked. My go-to crack-up mechanisms—“Spaceballs,” the “Night Man” episode of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” that video from The Chive of the guy jumping into the frozen swimming pool that they play in a loop at my gym—just don’t land. Nothing makes me smile anymore. It’s never funny in Philadelphia.

And also this, just now from Instapundit:

BUT OF COURSE: Comics, Reporters Rally to Protect Ocasio Cortez.

But there are still things to laugh at, but only for us:

I never get tired of it just like I never get tired of winning.

AND MORE COMEDY PEWTER: And this one with an Australian at the centre: The Not-So-Great Gadsby: How PC Rage Devoured Stand-Up Comedy.

Then along came Hannah Gadsby. Until the other day I had never heard of her. She is a Tasmanian lesbian, she seems to be about forty, and for the last decade or so she’s enjoyed a decent stand-up career in her homeland and at the occasional international comedy festival. But it’s fair to say that she was relatively unknown to non-Aussie audiences until a few weeks ago, when her special Nanette was put up on Netflix. Now she’s a superstar. Vox says that Nanette is “so meta and so thoughtful about the issues inherent to standup comedy as a genre that it seems to break through [the genre’s] boundaries.” The Australian calls it “the hour of stand-up that has taken the world by storm.”

You can now go to the link and judge for yourself.

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