Dogmatic atheism

A comment from another thread on “dogmatic atheism.

A mental deficiency which causes the belief that:

(1) there is no non-material reality that can influence this universe [i.e. God];
(2) i.e. this universe consists solely of matter and energy;
(3) however, the tiny and transient scrap of configured matter and energy that comprises the dogmatic atheist is capable of having things called “thoughts” which have some sort of validity other than merely being biochemical phenomena occurring within the material structure of the dogmatic atheist;
(4) in fact not only that but those thoughts are capable of validating the non-existence of anything in the whole universe other than the matter and energy capable (in principle) of physical verification of which the dogmatic atheist represents a minute evanescent sample.

Only a nanosecond’s logical thought should be necessary to perceive the psychotic megalomania in dogmatic atheism but somehow the dogmatic atheists themselves can’t seem to do so.

(I can fully understand an atheist who says that there’s no definite proof of God – the Christian scriptures would confirm that since they say we have to live partly by faith – and that therefore religious belief depends on perceptive judgement beyond fact and logic, and their own perceptive judgement precludes them believing. That is unarguable. But that kind of atheist doesn’t pretend to have a universal – dare I say Godlike? – knowledge of reality.)

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