Why does Instapundit cite Ronald Radosh?

Here is a piece of junk written by Ronald Radosh and put up on Instapundit. In every way possible he is an infiltrator from the left whose word on anything I would never trust. And it seems I am not alone in this belief given the comments that follow the post.

Sorry, but any piece that quotes the execrable David Frum as an authority isn’t worth the time

Good grief. What a load of garbage dressed up for PJ Media’s Never Trump faction. If I wanted to frequent BuzzFeed, I’d do that. This is the equivalent.

Every time you post Radosh, you lose more credibility. He is as lost to reason as Frum in his #nevertrump fever. Radosh has beclowned himself as much as the leftists marching in Berkeley.

So, Trump has our allies worried. Good.

major disagreement over how President Trump’s foreign trip was viewed in Western Europe – If only the US had friends or allies in western Europe that would make US give a damn.

Mr Green: Do you post this drek to make those of us who come to this blog but bypass PJ Media aware of the anti-Trump and Rhino bias of its contributors or do you think that an article such as this has merit?

The real fact is that the Germans need to be slapped around a lot. They’re screwed on energy policy, they are screwed on immigration policy, they are doing almost nothing right these days and they’re contributing peanuts to NATO. The only problem is they are in the middle. Poland and the Eastern European states are much more important to us now but Germany is stuck there in the middle.

The column makes some decent points right up until it sites David Frum and calls Anne Applebaum smart. Applebaum is an idiot and likely on the payroll of any number of foreign governments. The woman is just appallingly stupid and dishonest, but at least she is not Frum, who is even worse. Beyond that, I don’t know what universe these idiots live in where they could think after 8 years of Obama doing nothing but talk and never living up to a single commitment or threat, and spending all of his time attacking American allies and supplicating himself to our enemies that somehow it is Trump that is making America seem unreliable. How do people manage to convince themselves to believe such stupid things?

“Trump seems to have left the impression among our European allies that they might not be able to count on the United States.” You mean, count on us LESS than during the Lightbringer Administration? “When Trump met with the Saudis, he failed to even give a perfunctory statement that the U.S. hoped for improvement in its human rights record, emphasizing instead the country’s creation of a new center for fighting terrorism.” One of the great human rights is to be free from dying because of international terrorism. “….Trump’s apparent move away from our traditional European allies might prove not to be so wise. It certainly does not look like the restoration of American leadership.” It sure does from here. Rather than moving the US in the direction of mindless, self-destructive EuroWeenie Socialism, Trump has reclaimed the US position as Defender of Freedom and Beacon of Liberty; if the EuroWeenies choose not to follow, you can’t accuse the US of not leading. Mr. Radosh needs to get a life. I recommend http://www.getalife.com.

Ron Radosh being against anything Trump does? Now there is a surprise. And Stephen Green pushing a weak article because it confirms his own anti-trump bias? LOL. News alert: we’ve been growing apart from Europe since the fall of the cold war and Trump is just doubling down on Obama’s approach to Europe. We annoy them because we say it’s high time for them to put on their big boy tighty whities and take over more of their own defense instead of riding on the coattails of the exhausted American taxpayer? The horrors! Trump says that the biggest thing confronting the western world is ISIS and we’ll worry about all the other crap later? OMG, the villainy!!! A foreign policy that takes an “enemy of my enemy is my friend approach” and ignores all the bad stuff to succeed in the primary objective is hypocritical? Wow, that’s the first time that’s ever happened in the history of the world! Yeesh, Radosh reads like the hystrionics of a high school social studies essay.

Pundits like this one continue to write stupid BS like this about what Trump actually has or hasn’t done.

“Instead, Trump seems to have left the impression among our European allies that they might not be able to count on the United States.” Bull. Germany and France have bailed on the US at every opportunity since WWII, and they haven’t been paying their share of NATO costs. They don’t like Trump frankly pointing that out, but so what? An alliance is supposed to be a two-way deal, not charity. They’ll get over it.

Knowing who your enemies are is as important as knowing who are your friends.

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