This is the one that belongs to us

There was a time, maybe during the 1980s, that I took global warming as a hypothesis worth thinking about, but somewhere around then I concluded there was nothing in it and since then anyone who has taken it seriously has seemed absurd. Belief in AGW has seemed a dye marker for collectivists who see it as a way to power and wealth. And the more the evidence has piled up that AGW is plain wrong, the more astonished I have been at the strength of the conviction in those true believers that something must be done even if it impoverishes those with the lowest incomes both nationally and across the world.

The problem is that we treat such people as if they are sound of mind in believing this cult-like fantasy that humans are causing the planet to warm and that by ruining our standard of living in the West, something can be done to fix it. These people must have an immense absence of meaning in their lives to have gone on so long about such an empty issue, one that only causes harm to others. They have cost us trillions in lost wealth that will never be recovered, and handed power to charlatans across the world. This is our tulip craze, South Sea Bubble, Salem witch trials, madness of crowds. The future will think we must have been crazy and they will be right. Although they will no doubt have insanities of their own, this is the one that belongs to us.

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