How do you prevail against this?


The Deep State – what I have called the progressive internationalists – are doing all they can to hobble and destroy Trump even before he enters the White House. This article on The Deep State Strikes Back: The Permanent Campaign Against Donald Trump gets right to the heart of the issue.

Getting most of what I know from the net, and being used to the relatively balanced Australian press, the above front page has been quite a revelation. It is not just that the story is discussed, but driven towards the reader. It is from The Daily Mail as well, which is towards the right of the spectrum and yet, there you are. If you are just someone who takes the news, and the balance of what matters and what does not from the paper you go to if you want to know the football scores, you cannot but be affected. The “sex scandal” is assumed to be true, it is presented as having come from a reputable source that being an “Ex-MI6 officer”, and it is something that must inevitably tend to diminish Trump’s credibility since whatever you might think of the story, you know it is now part of the mythology.

The process is depraved. But when I think that half of Americans are sorry to see Obama leave, it is hard to see Trump prevailing into the long-term. He is of a different cut, he is personally disgusted by the values his enemies display, and he has been warned that these enemies exist, which are all positive. But we will have four years of relentless negativity about Trump, some of which will stick and some of which will not, but all of it will take its toll.

Then there was The New York Times this morning (although yesterday’s paper). Not as sensationalist as The Daily Mail but even more one dimensional. The story on the front page is titled “Blackmail in Russia didn’t die with Soviets” and comes with the sub-head “Kremlin has long history of using compromising material to discredit foes”. I suppose that’s true, but the presumption throughout the paper is that there is something to the story even though there is nothing in it other than some insane fantasy. So we continue inside with “From salacious dossier to political crisis””, “President-elect concedes Russia’s interference in American election”, “A Manchurian candidate” (with the highlight quote “The onus is on the president-elect to prove he’s not Putin’s puppet”) and “Trump takes aim at news media”. There is also “Ode to Obama” with its highlight quote, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. Truly only a Donald Trump has any chance to maintain his balance in such an environment, but it will be very hard going on the evidence I have just seen.

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