Donald Trump is the Tom Brady of politics

It’s five in the morning where I am, but am up and watching the Patriots v the Texans. I do indeed like Boston which is why I am preparing for a wrecked day tomorrow, even though we are in Copenhagen just for the weekend. But it’s the Boston QB that I like to watch, and this is not even remotely because he is one of the few people in sport to say a good word about the president-elect.

In fact, it is very hard to find a good word said about him anywhere. But among those who do, it turns out, is Tony Abbott who has put out a statement on RESPONDING TO THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY that was published in The Oz. I have no idea whether this is much noted back home, but it does seem a useful addition to the debate. The great fear on the left is not that Trump will fail but that he will succeed. At least here there is recognition on how he might and what we might learn from Trump’s approach:

In just a few days Donald Trump will become President of the United States and leader of the free world. It’s high time for people everywhere to stop lamenting the rise of Trump and to start responding to it. If he does what he has said he would – and we have to assume he’ll try – economic policy here in Australia will need to respond fast. It will be a good opportunity for the government not just to talk about agility but actually to be agile.

There is as much to worry about what Trump does on the economy as there is to hope. But if he does succeed, and he really might, he will re-write the policy agenda for a generation to come.

Might mention that with five minutes to go in the game, Boston has not just an impossible lead, but is beating the spread. I can only hope Trump does as well.

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