Mark Steyn discusses Bill Leak and the HRC

It only occurred to me in writing the heading that HRC are also the initials for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Unbelievably appropriate, but in this case we are dealing with the Human Rights Commission. It’s an obscure title – Complications and Curating – so let’s get to the point:

One of the reasons I’m in favor of Hillary Clinton being decisively defeated next month is because a Democrat victory, bolstered by a five-four (or six-three, or seven-two) majority on the Supreme Court, will be disastrous for free speech in the United States. President Obama has just declared that the “wild wild west” of the Internet has to be “rebuilt” to “flow” through “some sort of curating function” – because apparently the ever less subtle filtering of Big Social (the Twitter and Facebook monopolies, the Standard Oil of our time) are no longer enough. What’s next? As I had cause to remind the Democrats during my Senate testimony, too many prominent members of their party are already wholesale enthusiasts for the criminalization of dissent – a position that renders politics both irrelevant and impossible. Think of the most repressive safe-spaced college campus in America: that’s where the whole country’s headed.

And some advice on how The Australian should run its case:

The likes of Commissar Soutphommasane are not interested in a debate with you; they’re interested in eliminating you from the debate, banishing you from public discourse, and shriveling that discourse to the ever tighter bounds of a state ideology. I hope Bill Leak and The Australian fight this outrageous system not through narrow lawyerly arguments but out in the open – shining a bright cleansing sunlight on an ugly regime that cannot withstand exposure to the light of day.

Fascism and state socialism are not two sides of the same coin, they are the same coin on both sides. They pretend to be about equality and economic justice but it is essentially about achieving power and grinding opposition into the dust. Free speech is all you have to keep you safe and when it’s gone, so is pretty much everything else.

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