Injured innocence

From The Washington Post: The press always got booed at Trump rallies. But now the aggression is menacing.

Donald Trump’s rallies have never been the friendliest places for reporters. But lately, as Trump has come under increasing fire, an unwelcoming atmosphere for the press has turned into outright hostility.

Reporters who cover Trump on the campaign trail say his supporters have become more surly and abusive in the past week, egged on by a candidate who has made demonizing journalists part of his stump speech.

Trump’s traveling press contingent of about 20 has been met with boos, shouts and obscenities as it entered — as a single group — the venues where Trump has spoken this week. One reporter who is part of the traveling group described it as “a mob mentality,” particularly at larger rally sites.

“We’ve been on the receiving end of that throughout the election, so we’ve largely become numb to it,” he said. “But in the last few days it’s just been so much louder, so much angrier. The people who are shouting look at us like we’re their immediate enemies, not as like . . . primarily late-20-to-early-30-somethings there to do a job.”

And if the job happens to be to do everything they can to see Hillary elected, that is no one else’s business but their own. The story is that the crowd boos and shouts at the press. But if the media becomes a player, this is not exactly unexpected? So far as the story goes, not so much as a tomato has made its way towards any of them. Meanwhile:

The most liked comment on the story reads: “Trump’s supporters are making Hillary’s case that they are in fact deplorable. Right along with Trump.” Completely oblivious to everything around them and to their own natures. They have been complicit in the ruining of America.

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