“A lying, deceiving, manipulative, self-absorbed criminal without a shred of personal virtue”

A sort of amusing post where a group of students struggle to find a single accomplishment that would qualify Hillary for president. That’s a neutral way to put what is the actual point found here on The Clinton Record which is a series of disasters of such gigantic proportions that you have to wonder about the sanity of those who support her. You can read through the article to refresh your memory but these are the headings that are in themselves almost all you need to know. As you can imagine, a long article.

Clinton’s Private Email Server & the Espionage Act
The Clinton Foundation Scandals
Clinton’s Support for the Iran Nuclear Deal
Clinton Helps Russia Gain Control of 20% of All U.S. Uranium
The Benghazi Debacle, and Clinton’s Role in Arming Jihadists in Libya and Syria
The Radical Islamist Affiliations of Clinton’s Closest Aide
The Deadly Consequences of Clinton’s Absurd Fictions About Islam & Terrorism
Clinton’s Role in the Rise of ISIS and the Stratospheric Growth of Worldwide Terrorism
Clinton’s Role in Squandering America’s Victory in the Iraq War
Clinton’s Horrible Judgment Regarding Another Terrorist Enemy
Clinton’s Empty Talk Regarding Russia and China
Clinton’s Reprehensible Treatment of Israel
Clinton Turns Libya into a Terrorist Hell Hole
Clinton’s Plan to Import 65,000 Syrian Refugees into the U.S. As Quickly As Possible
Immigration: Clinton Explicitly Favors Amnesty, Sanctuary Cities, and “Open Borders”
Clinton’s Opposition to Gun Rights
Clinton’s Plans to Expand Obamacare into a Government-Run, Single-Payer System
Rejecting School Vouchers for Poor Minority Children in Failing Urban Schools
“Criminal Justice Reform”: Going Soft on Crime, and Filling America’s Graveyards
Fighting Voter ID Laws As “Racist” Schemes to Disenfranchise Minorities
Clinton’s Affiliation with Al Sharpton & Black Lives Matter
Clinton’s View of the Supreme Court and Its Purpose
Clinton Supports Partial-Birth Abortion
Clinton’s Personal Persecution of a Young Rape Victim

The conclusion:

In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton is a woman with a mindset that is totalitarian in every respect. To make matters worse, she is a lying, deceiving, manipulative, self-absorbed criminal without a shred of personal virtue. Truly it can be said that never before in American history has anyone so unfit and so undeserving, run for president. Never.

And all this before we get to her misjudgements about markets and the economy. We are back to mediaeval forms of governance with a baronial class and the rest of us a peasantry who had better learn to mind our betters.

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