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Andrew Bolt has a column behind the Murdoch paywall on Buffoon Trump is just the symptom Here’s what you can get at the link:

THE question now isn’t whether Donald Trump is just a moron or an outright menace who could blow up the world.

The question is why a braggart, buffoon, liar, narcissist and sexist with almost no political principles came so close to becoming president of the world’s greatest power.

Meanwhile, the top fifteen comments.

1) Hillary Clinton takes tens of millions of dollars in donations from the rich Sunni Arab States and wants to increase islamic immigration to the USA by around 550% even when she acknowledges in leaked emails that security cannot be guaranteed and there are large very large problems with integration… she also wants this unfettered Islamic migration for the rest of the world … She also believes in open borders for the USA and in economic and governmental Globalization… basically a world government along the lines of the EU… Frankly I really don’t care how crass Donald is

2) The reason is because he is the ONLY person prepared to confront the mind numbing political correctness that is turning our society into a herd of dull obedient sheep.

3) Donald maybe crass but Hilary is evil

4) I thought it was only the left that threw insults (according to Bolt). Just shows Bolt is no different from the rest. Use personal abuse when you can’t argue the facts. Bolt is entitled to his view but he is just another talking head who has become a legend in his own lunch box. I have followed his stuff since he started his blog and although I have disagreed with him on quite a few issues that he got on his hobby-horse with,

But this, and his many, anti-Trump rants is the end for me. I stuck with the Liberals for 50 years and look what that has done. I am out of here and to hell with the Republicans, Democrats, Liberals and Socialists.

5) I see you have taken the same bus as the anti-Trump air pirates. Trump did this, trump did that, ad nauseum. Nothing about the avalanche of material against Clinton, enough in fact to put her in jail if she wasn’t running for Presidency, unlike Trump who said some nasty words but did nothing illegal. Oh well let the establishment get their next puppet. The Americans must love the status quo, which in effect means the slippery decline into chaos and destruction. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like either candidate but under Trump at least the US has a chance no matter how small to slow down the decline. With Clinton there is no chance – in fact she will accelerate it. Hmmm. Perhaps that’s why we should hope for Clinton to become President – to get it over and done with ASAP.

6) Andrew if you jump on the bandwagon with left in condemning writing off Trump …be careful your popularity doesn’t go in the same directions as Turnbull’s Libs…A huge number of people both here and in the States still are right behind him

7) So you’re happy to see hillary stack the supreme Court and have it attack free speech and gun ownership?

8) You know why Andrew, because the people are sick and tired of all this PC BS the media is running. We know when the United Nations comes out and says “don’t vote for Donald’ that is exactly what we will do.

9) Same reason Hansen is back, Farage in the UK, Le Pen in France, Wilders in the Netherlands, Golden Dawn in Greece, AFD in Germany, Establishment politicians stopped listening years ago but now they are actually going out of their way to provoke us with identity politics, eco twaddle, micro managing, abject failures and immoral trough gobbling parasites in every layer of govt.

10) You haven’t gone all leftie on us have you Andrew? I heard your PC rubbish on 2GB last night. I get the feeling you’re playing for a TV contract and neglecting your other paid gigs. I’ve worked with CEOs that speak just the way Trump did….10 years ago! I’ve heard women being just as forthright and crude about blokes. Why should Trump be barred from seeking election just because of words he uttered 10 years ago? Let the voters decide. Wasn’t that what you were championing once?

11) The media destroyed Tony Abbott, now it’s Trump’s turn.

12) The world will be a lot safer place with Trump as President then it would be with Clinton as leader.

13) No politician is prepared to say what Donald Trump says when he explains the dirty details the politicians and the establishment renters use to keep themselves in power at the expense of the ordinary folk. And the people are listening.

Donald Trump knows too much for his own good. I wouldn’t be surprised if one morning the headlines read he has had an “accident”.

The whole Ruling System stinks like a dead snake. I don’t care if he said “naughty” words privately about a beautiful woman – he didn’t turn around and rape her! Every red blooded man has said or thought these things.

He has given the people hope and they have become a Movement. He is a listener. As President, he will be very careful to get all facts first from the operators on the ground and advisers like Pence, Giuliano, Sessions and dozens more good people around him who have the American people at heart.

14) Even Clinton’s Democrat leader Obama doesn’t trust her. Obama said she will say anything and deliver nothing!

15) looks like Bolt has been bought. he is now investing his families future in the new world order, obviously been given a ticket for the bus to the shelter. Hope you have a plan B Mr Bolt because if your dream outcome doesn’t eventuate you will be held to account, like all Elites ( @ French History 101 ) if you do get your outcome it wont matter as the world war Clinton will start will finish the known world. lost respect for you, now a bona fide “Aussy Journo” who writes what they’re told to.

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