Throwing Hillary into the briar patch

Oh, please don’t throw me into the briar patch, cries Hillary, please no more of these terrible rape accusations about Bill, our former president and my loving husband. Oh please, let us not sidetrack ourselves, she pleads. Let us instead look at the real issues and not these minor matters, although the ones that apply to Donald Trump really are serious and should disqualify him from ever being president.

The latest from The New York Times: As protesters accuse her husband of rape, Clinton blasts Trump’s ‘scorched earth’ tactics. Ouch, ouch, this is killing me, she says.

Here’s the thing. Whatever else you might think, if Americans weren’t disgusted enough about Bill Clinton when he was president to ensure he was removed from office, it will not prevent his wife from winning this time round. It is only to the advantage of the Democrats the dwelling on Bill as a rapist. My beliefs on that have been reinforced in steel by this latest supposed sexualised video of Obama from 2008. But here is the key sentence:

The video, originally shot by CNN cameras, emerged Tuesday on Twitter, where it spread quickly.

CNN is known as the Clinton News Network for good reason. This would only have found its way into the world if it works for Hillary. There are no new votes based on how depraved Bill is or how Hillary had done all she could to cover it up. It may all be true, but so what? The election will be won or lost on the issues. This diversion will see Hillary president. A return to the issues that matter is the only thing that might still make Trump president.

And in case you don’t know about B’rer Rabbit and the briar patch, you can read the story here.

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