Once again they are coming for the Jews first

An article by Jonathan Sacks on Antisemitism and the End of Europe picked up at Quadrant Online. The cliche how first they came for the Jews is an actual truth. First they come for the group least able to protect itself and with the perennial outsider status. The most ironic part is that the new antisemitism is driven by the left’s deranged hatred of Christianity, which causes it to join in with the most dangerous ideological menace in the world. One part of the article below, but read it all, long though it may be.

If Europe lets itself be dragged down that road again, this will be the story told in times to come. First they came for the Jews. Then for the Christians. Then for the gays. Then for the atheists. Until there was nothing left of Europe’s soul but a distant, fading memory.

There will, by then, be nothing left of “Europe” other than a bit of geography and a few ancient monuments, assuming even they are allowed to remain.

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