When you put it that way

The Strange Case of the Secular Progressive-Islamist Alliance has been summarised by Robert at Small Dead Animals. These are the many things that Radical “Progressives” and ISIS have in common:

Both hate Christianity and Judaism

Both excuse the preaching of hatred towards disfavored ethnic groups

Both excuse violent attacks by Muslim terrorists, citing “Islamophobia”

Neither believe in free speech

Neither are capable of even the tiniest criticism, citing micro-aggressions or Islamophobia

Both hold America and Israel in contempt

Both favour rule by an unaccountable elite

Both have dreams of totalitarian rule with leaders selected by political or religious criteria

Both shun modernity, such as that provided by the energy from fossil fuels

Both lie habitually, believing such deception is completely justified

Both are determined to end, or severely curtail, our constitutional democracies that all stem from Judeo-Christian roots

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