The most politically incorrect story I have come across in ages

school of athens

Everything the world has culturally appropriated from the west. That is, what are those parts of our Western Judeo-Christian way of life that have been taken on by other cultures. I’ve taken the painting from the post, but at least I can claim it as part of my own. I’ll provide the conclusion, but go to the link to see the examples.

Campus social justice warriors insist that the greatest victims of cultural appropriation are non-western cultures, like the Native Americans, Japan, and Mexico. No doubt, they would use some sort of intellectual contortion to claim that western culture can’t be appropriated. Something about “punching up,” or “culture plus power” no doubt.

But looking through history, a neutral observer can’t fail to see that western culture is the most appropriated of them all. Other countries have been borrowing, imitating, and remixing western culture for centuries.

And that, unquestionably, is a good thing. Look at what the Japanese have done with video games, computers, and animation. Look at the brilliance of Korean composers, trained in classical European music. Look at the industriousness of China. Western culture has enriched the world, just as non-western cultures have. It’s certainly possible to condemn it. But then, as demonstrated above, your arguments would look ridiculous.

“Western culture has enriched the world!” How does he think he can get away with saying that?

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