Climate Hustle

There’s money in having oil to sell and there’s money in being opposed to the sale of oil. Funny world, and both sides have converge on Paris over the past fortnight. Oil money has been translated into ISIS while the global warming crowd are redirecting trillions into various projects that will deliver nothing other than wealth to those who could not possibly create it and never will. But they will certainly go through an enormous amount of this wealth in the process. The cretins marching in the street are encouraging the very outcomes that will keep themselves poor but make a very small proportion exceedingly rich.

Meanwhile, Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit – ‘Climate Hustle’ To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris. You can go to the link for more, and there is quite a bit more. The one thing I am sure of is that the movie will not rock anything, but it will be nice for us to be aware of as we are being fleeced. Here I will only repeat the first comment on the thread.

Hope it is effective in explaining WHY it is a “hustle”, climate issues notwithstanding– because it isn’t about “climate” at all– it is about the use/abuse of “climate” from schools to political circles, in propaganda form, to beat over the heads of both the unsuspecting and the skeptical, ultimately for pushing a global governance agenda. And in the process, corrupting honest scientific debate, leading directly to the destruction of the preimminence of scientific leadership in America, when deference to so-called United Nations climate concensus is given. Make no mistake, it corrupts the ENTIRETY of the scientific community, by a relatively small, vocal, and cult-like fanaticism.

Or to quote from another of the comments: “Funny how the ‘cure’ is the re-distribution of wealth.”

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