The meeting will generate emissions equivalent to 21,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide

It’s hard to believe people treat this stuff seriously, but there you are. It’s how our elites recognise each other. It’s their form of a secret handshake. They have to know it’s nonsense, but if they are going to cream off more of our money for their uses, this is the perfect set up. Yet even as our leaders head off to Paris for a couple of weeks of high living paid for by us, we do see this:

Decade long ice age predicted as sun ‘hibernates’…
FLASHBACK: Temp data fiddling ‘biggest science scandal ever’…

The evidence just doesn’t seem to matter since the evidence won’t be evident for fifty years.

The 21,000 metric tons comes from The Telegraph in London and this doesn’t include any of the travel. I won’t link because it’s too depressing.

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