The Enlightenment and everything the Left claims to value is unquestionably on the line

It is probably too late to do anything about it, but this is an article of astonishing insight and depth. I agree with everything he says and I have seldom seen it said better: Migrant crisis: Europe must close borders to refugee influx. The sub-head in the actual paper reads: “A flood of Muslims into the continent could lead to civilisational catastrophe”. There is no could about it, and it is probably already too late. The article is by Peter Baldwin, a Minister in the Hawke and Keating governments, that is, a Minister when Labor was still reasonably sane. There is no single best bit, but this gives you some of what is said. You should read it all.

Any suggestion there might be any problem intrinsic to Islam has to be made with extreme care to avoid being accused of “Islamophobia”, an ill-defined term that is routinely conflated with racism. The penalties for transgressions in this area can be severe and may become more so — before Britain’s general election this year Labour leader Ed Miliband undertook to make Islamophobia an aggravated offence.

A realistic debate needs to acknowledge that Islam is not a race but a belief system, with tenets that many of its followers take extremely seriously. Key among those tenets is the requirement Muslims fight to make Islam dominant over other creeds and belief systems, the latter to survive only with an acknowledged subordinate status.

Islam does not recognise separate civil and religious spheres. The modern notion of diversity is ­utterly foreign to it, at least in the sense of different belief systems coexisting as equals. How many, if any, of the several score Muslim-majority countries grant genuine civil and religious liberty and equality to non-Muslims? How many more severely persecute followers of other belief systems? Anyone who asks what this would mean for Europe’s Judaeo-Christian tradition is branded a right-wing nativist, but the Enlightenment and everything the Left claims to value is on the line too.

There is such visceral hatred on the left, built out of massive levels of ill-will, envy and bile that there truly is a wish to pull our civilisation down found across left-side parties everywhere. Anyone who loves our way of life, with its openness, freedom and prosperity, long ago abandoned the left side of politics, who are now perfectly represented by Barack Obama.

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