This is what we are told so you have to wonder what the real story is

Millions of people heading for Europe with no European language skills, and possibly no marketable skills of any kind, and listen to how the President of Hungary reacts:

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán warned European life and its established laws were under threat from huge numbers of people heading through the continent from war-torn states in the Middle East.

In a defence against criticism of the aggressive stance against refugees taken by the country , he said yesterday: “Our borders are in danger. Our way of life where we respect the law is in danger.

“The whole of Hungary and Europe is in danger.

“The migrants are blitzing us.”

Hungary and Serbia have constantly been at each others’ throats over the issue, with Budapest urging its non-EU neighbours to do more to help tackle the growing neighbours migrants.

It is now sending troops armed with rubber bullets and tear gas to the border with Serbia to protect the country’s frontier.

Pinter Bence, a Hungarian political journalist for the website said the situation with growing tensions between nations was reminiscent of the international scenario from just over 100 years ago.

Leaders who don’t love the countries they lead are becoming more common. The darkness of this century may yet overwhelm what we experienced in the last one.

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