Two articles on immigration

As everyone knows, open borders leads to a more harmonious happier more contented and prosperous world. Here are two articles published today that you might therefore read to confirm your views on how bizarre those who oppose immigration are. One is from the US by Ann Coulter. The second is from Australia by Peter Baldwin.

First Ann, whose article is titled, Useless Idiots. You’ll have to read the article for yourself to see who she means, but she really does go over the top.

The second is titled, Migrant crisis: Europe must close borders to refugee influx. An obvious hysteric with no credibility. You’ll again have to read the article for yourself to see just how off the planet he is.

AND LET ME JUST ADD THIS: Of course I’m a migrant and so the last thing in the world I would be against is migration. I was, however, amongst that first tranche in 1975 who needed a migrant’s visa to move to Australia from Canada. This entailed an embassy official to come down to Toronto from Ottawa for an hour-long interview to which he brought a professor of economics from the University of Toronto to ensure themselves that I was up to the mark for teaching at the College in Bendigo. This is what I understand about migration. The country decides on who comes and who does not, and they also decide on how many in any given year, and they ensure as best they can that the migrant is likely to become a productive member of the community. However, what I do not accept is people just wandering in as they please where the host country does no sorting and assessing. That I don’t get, which is why I was very keen to ensure that the boats were stopped, as was most of the country. These are not fine distinctions, but the very minimum requirement if we are to remain a nation state in a world of other nation states.

YOU CAN NOW ADD A THIRD ARTICLE TO THE TWO ABOVE: This is from that nitwit Mark Steyn who never quits talking about migration and demographics. This one is called The Emperor’s Moral Narcissism which even comes with a photo showing a crowd of sensible people holding up a sign reading “Refugees Welcome”.

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