The question that must be asked

How’s this for a first para from a mere columnist who wishes to take up Obama’s empty rhetoric about modern Islam and the Christianity of a thousand years ago?

I have written three books and numerous articles about the Crusades, slavery and the Inquisition, so I suppose I am, forgive me, somewhat qualified to discuss them. Not, of course, as expert as President Barack Obama, because he seems to be an authority on pretty much everything.

The columnist is Michael Coren writing in the Toronto Sun, under the heading, Obama dodges tough questions of Islam. His conclusion, in what is anyway a short article, seems to be this:

As I say, I have written entire books about the context and nuance of all this so a column can never satisfy. What Obama was perhaps trying to say was that people use religion to conduct all sorts of evil deeds and in that he is correct. But if he genuinely understood history and religion, he would know that Christ’s actual teachings were seldom the reason for ancient injustices.

The question that must be asked – and Obama and so many like him have neither the courage nor the wit to do so – is whether the same can be said of Islam.

Ahem, ahem. Obama does, of course, know the answer, which is why he does so much to evade the question.

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