The Australian left has not a single sensible policy idea to offer

Let me start with this, which is in all essentials the promise being made to Australians by the ALP: however bad things are now, we will make things worse, or as it says at the link but in reference to the US: Red states [ie States governed by Republicans] top blue states [ie states governed by Democrats] for low taxes and best economies.

I just sat through the first of the Sky News debates. The Prime Minister explained one policy position after another along with trying to weave in an understanding of how limited are the resources available to deal with the phenomenal costs involved. But what was most extraordinary to me was the absence of any actual proposal by Labor to shape any specific policy outcome.

The ALP plan, as usual, is to introduce some unaffordable freebie welfare program, then lose government and let the Libs work out how to pay for it.

Of course, the AP pitch is to say that had they been the government everything would have turned out better than they had. Meanwhile, they will fix our non-existent global warming problems by crashing our carbon-based power-generating system and will eliminate the non-existent racism the supposedly ruins social relations in this country by blaming everything on people who ancestors have come – either recently or in the distant past – from Northern Europe.

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