Surely the leaders of the American left do not believe the things they say they believe

This is an article by the incomparable David Mamet: American Occupation. Let me get to the core points he makes:

Over the last two years in America, I’ve witnessed our own forces of evil with incredulity, despair, and rage. Corruption, blasphemy, and absurdity have been accepted by one-half of the electorate as the cost of doing business; as has the fear this acceptance generates. Does anyone actually believe that men change into women and women into men who can give birth, that the Earth is burning, the seas are rising, and we’ll all perish unless we cover our faces with strips of cotton?

No one does. These proclamations are an act of faith, in a new, as yet unnamed religion, and the vehemence with which one proclaims allegiance to these untruths is an exercise no different from any other ecstatic religious oath. They become the Apostles’ Creed of the left, their proclamation committing the adherent physically to their strictures, exactly as the oath taken on induction to the armed services. The inductee is told to “take one step forward,” and once they do he or she can no longer claim, “I misunderstood the instruction.”

Those currently in power insist on masking, but don’t wear masks. They claim the seas are rising and build mansions on the shore. They abhor the expenditure of fossil fuels and fly exclusively in private jets. And all the while half of the country will not name the disease. Why?

Because the cost of challenging this oppressive orthodoxy has, for them, become too high. Upon a possible awakening, they—or more likely their children—might say that the country was occupied. And they would be right.

There was a time one might be able to debate and discuss. But for those of us who were once even on the left, as it then was, the modern left is very possibly insane although it is much more likely they say things they do not personally believe. Insanity should not however be ruled out.

2 thoughts on “Surely the leaders of the American left do not believe the things they say they believe

  1. Let’s not rule out billions in ill-gotten gains either, which, if and when proven, would mean very, very bad things for them. But good for us. The evidence is overwhelming so we’ll have to wait and see who much the courts have been stacked and bought.

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