Dealing with self-serving socialist nonentities

Two related stories about the phenomenal incompetence of the Andrews Government. First this: Victorian living standards fall for two consecutive years.

Victorians’ living standards have fallen for two consecutive years, suffering the hardest hit in the country through the coronavirus recession, with signs it could take another year to get back to their pre-COVID levels.

From the Most Liveable City in the World to a derelict Melbourne has been transmogrified under the direction of the World’s Most Incompetent Political Leader. But he does need someone to blame, so we have this as well: Daniel Andrews blast of Scott Morrison ‘spells doom’ for national cabinet. Here’s the issue.

Mr Andrews accused Mr Morrison on Friday of “double speak” for condemning violent protests in Victoria but also saying he understood people were frustrated by governments “telling people what to do”.

Mr Morrison also criticised mandatory vaccination policies of state governments.

So this is Andrews’ reply. No content, but lots of invective.

“You have got to call it out when you see this sort of appalling behaviour,” Mr Andrews said. “I’m committed to doing what has to be done and not chasing, through double speak, the votes of extremists or their preferences. If others choose to do that then that is on them.”

When asked what his relationship was like with Mr Morrison, Mr Andrews said it would “be a lot better when he stops double speaking to extremists”.

And in rebuttal.

“(People who) want to come together again and want their lives back and they want governments to stop telling them what to do – and have government step back and them step forward into their own future. That’s the cause I have sympathy with,” he [Scott Morrison] said.

The peeling of Daniel Andrews fingers off the throat of the economy will be a very slow and painful process, but it has to be done. And this does seem to be right on the money:

“It wouldn’t surprise me one iota if this was all simply a co-ordinated federal Labor Party tactic,” Senator Birmingham said. “Let’s line the premiers up, we’ll go out and try to create another phony fight, to do a bit of a pile-on against Scott Morrison.”

Unfortunately, Scott Morrison wishes to do the right thing but finds himself dealing with a bunch of self-serving socialist nonentities.

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