A clear case of he hit her because she hit him

Let me start with this which is a story found in The Age: MP Andy Meddick’s daughter allegedly assaulted. This is basically what the story consists of:


Police are investigating an alleged assault on the daughter of a crossbench MP on Thursday night after she spray-painted over a poster in Melbourne’s inner north.

A police statement said the 25-year-old woman was spray-painting over a poster in Smith Street, Fitzroy, when she was approached by an unknown man about 11pm.

The pair had an argument before the woman threw the spray can towards the man as she attempted to leave the scene,” a police spokesperson said.

“The man followed the woman and threw the spray can, which struck her in the back of the head.”


In summary: She is defacing a poster late in the night when she is accosted by someone who objects to what she is doing . They get in an argument and she throws her spray can at him and runs away. So he throws the spray can at her and hits her in the back of her head.

Nasty all round but if there was an assault, let alone a case of defacing property, if these are a fair summary of the events, it was she who was almost entirely at fault.


The notion that this incident between two strangers in the middle of the night in Fitzroy is an example of someone targeting a politician’s family is utterly absurd. Near as I can tell, it was an incident involving two total strangers who knew nothing about each other except that one was defacing someone else’s property.


Here is her version with an important element seemingly omitted.

“Tonight on Smith Street in Fitzroy I was attacked by a man for being ‘political’. He chased me down the street and as I called for help he threw a spray can at my head.

How could she have known it was a spray can, I would like to know.

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