Twenty-nine years is a long time in politics

It’s clear that focus groups and polling have demonstrated to the Libs that they must first show up in Glasgow and then must support the 2050 Zero Emissions target. This they must do irrespective of what they personally believe if they are to win the next election. 

But that is to win the moron vote in our cities. So we now have this: Scott Morrison books in economic check-ups for regions which begins:

The Productivity Commission will conduct five-year reviews assessing the economic impacts of a 2050 net-zero-emissions target on regional and rural communities under a climate change safeguard mechanism adopted by cabinet on Monday night.

But why only look at the impact on regional and rural communities? How about the rest of us? Politics may be the art of the possible, and with global warming a worldwide mania, you have to at least pretend you care. But once we are into looking at the impact, why not look at the impact on the whole economy? But there is at least this:

Resources Minister Keith Pitt — an opponent of the 2050 target — was elevated to cabinet on Monday under the deal struck between Mr Morrison and Mr Joyce, leaving the Nationals now holding five out of 24 cabinet spots.

By being an opponent of the 2050 target, I can only hope he’s not an opponent of the target because he thinks 2050 is too far off.

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