Petition to ensure the immediate repeal of the TGA statement on Ivermectin

For background there is firstly this.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle in Indonesia in June this year. A philanthropist wanted to hand out free ivermectin, but was closed down by the Indonesian Government.

Covid cases continued rising, and government policy on ivermectin flipped to approval on 15th July. Then what happened? The [Australian] media have been deathly quiet on the subject: the Indonesians have almost wiped covid out in their country.

Indonesian covid cases, from March 2020 to 19th October, 2021

Then, with these figures in mind, read this: It’s time Morrison and Hunt stopped Australians dying by denying them early treatment to Covid. It’s a link to a petition to our Government with this as the preamble.

Ivermectin has not just saved lives, but virtually eliminated Covid-19 from  Uttar Pradesh, and Indonesia.  Some 3.8 billion doses of what’s been called a “wonder drug” have been used around the world. This is a drug so safe we have fed it to school children in Canberra.In the last three months Indonesian doctors used ivermectin to cut Covid cases by 98% but at the same time Australia banned ivermectin and relied on vaccination and oppressive lockdowns yet grew cases 500%. 

If countries larger, poorer and more densely populated can use Ivermectin why can’t Australian doctors prescribe it? Do we give Australian doctors the best education in the world so that they are nothing but robots controlled by an unaccountable committee, or will we allow Doctors to provide the best treatment they believe their patients need?In 30 Random Controlled Trialsivermectin prevented 84% of infections. In early treatment it helped 63% of people. 

Instead of 160,000 cases in Australia, with widespread ivermectin use we could have reduced that just 25,000 and stopped the lockdowns after weeks instead of months.Australia has no early treatment, we are abandoning people to a virus that almost certainly leaked from a Chinese laboratory.  The TGA did not even ban Ivermectin because Australians with prescriptions might be hurt by it, they banned a safe drug because “people might not get vaxed”Are Australian lives the first concern of Morrison and Hunt, or are the profits of Big Pharmaceutical companies more important? Judge them by their actions.Indonesia banned ivermectin then relented when a few key politicians championed the cause. Australia can do that too.Contact Your PM | Prime Minister of AustraliaContact the Premier (NSW)

This is the Petition Reason.

On 11th September 2021 the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) took the unprecedented step of effectively banning the prescribing of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 infection in Australia. Contrary to ill-informed media reporting, ivermectin is an important drug which has been used clinically worldwide for several decades, it is on the WHO list of Essential Drugs and has a wide margin of safety compared to most other drugs (including over the counter medications). This petition objects in the strongest possible terms to the banning of ivermectin prescribing for COVID-19 for the following reasons: (1) The banning of ivermectin prescribing ignores the wealth of published clinical trial safety and efficacy evidence in the medical literature supporting the use of ivermectin for the management of COVID-19; (2) The banning of ivermectin prescribing removes a potentially valuable early treatment option for symptomatic COVID-19-infected individuals, in contrast to current health policy of observing such individuals without active treatment until they either get better or worse (and are possibly hospitalized); (3) The banning of ivermectin prescribing for COVID-19 with the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and the freedom of Australians to choose their own health solutions based on their doctor’s advice.

Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to ensure the immediate repeal of the TGA statement on Ivermectin, and to provide a firm assurance to the Australian?people that overreach of this kind by a Federal Government agency will never again limit access to safe treatments in a non-consultative and?unilateral?manner.

If you would like to sign the petition, go to this link.

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