Is the Chinese surveillance state the template for digital identification?

The media organisations and the same media people we think we can count on to protect us from government intrusion into our lives, and to inform us when there are threats to our privacy, are invisible on the vast expansion of the Federal Government’s Digital Identification system.

I have googled and put through DuckDuckGo a query on “media digital identification legislation” and not a single news report is found anywhere, other than a single report from The Cairns News on how wonderful this change will be.

But there was this, almost uniquely available:  Australia to open digital ID system to private sector with consultation on new legislation on ZDNet, which is hardly a household media outlet.  They try to  be positive but there is also this:

Instead of listening to researchers recommending the Australian government abandon its existing digital identity system and start again from scratch, after highlighting again security flaws in two of the systems already accredited, the government has opened a second round of consultation, this time on the development of legislation.

There was then also this:

Researchers want Australia’s digital ID system thrown out and redesigned from scratch

Researchers find myGovID is subject to an easily-implemented code proxying attack, while the digital identity solution from Australia Post does not possess a fundamental requirement for accreditation.

Why we should be grateful that the government will find it easier to access information about us is beyond me, especially in a system that will be as leaky as this? Why should I want anyone to have such access, let alone our state premiers (see Dan Andrews) or our commercial banks?

What will be included? Our financial records? Our medical records? Who will be able to gain access? Under what conditions? Is Facial Recognition Technology part of it?

Very late in the day but someone who actually cares about privacy ought to be making this an issue. Anyway, here is the government’s bright as a button booklet to help you understand how much they want these changes made: Your Guide to the Digital Identity Legislation

Not a word anywhere in it why it will be good for any of us in any way, other than it will be cheaper to keep an eye on us and much much easier.

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