How is this not the single most discussed issue in Australia today?

News of this has just been sent to me although it must have been around for a while since this is PHASE 3: the Government is trying to introduce Digital Identity Legislation that will give each of us an Identification Number through which anything that anyone from that time forward thinks it is relevant for the government to know will be immediately accessible. Go to the link where among other things you will find this:

This is all being done under the cover of covid but even so, not to have heard a murmur of any of this is deeply disturbing. This is a massive intrusion on our rights and privacy.

Building on feedback received from the community during phases 1 and 2 of the consultation, the exposure draft stage is your third opportunity to provide feedback on the legislation. 

The purposes of the legislation are to:

  • enable the expansion of the Australian Government Digital Identity System, specifically to enable greater participation by state and territory governments and the private sector
  • enshrine in law various privacy and consumer protections, so that Australians can have confidence in the System and know that their personal information is safe and secure
  • establish permanent governance arrangements and a strong regulatory regime.

I had a friend one time who was in the middle of a divorce who downloaded everything she could about her husband. There is no privacy on any file in the hands of government. Even if such “privacy” could be guaranteed, there is no reason to allow such legislation to be introduced, debated or passed into law, not now, not ever.

You have until October 27 to let the government know what you think. You can find the form on which you can make your views known here.

You might also have a look at this to get some additional background: New World Order? It begins:

Did you hear about Phases 1 and 2 of this legislation? No, neither did I.

There has been no reporting in the mainstream media to alert Australians to something that has potentially harmful outcomes, including identity theft, misuse of personal data, the potential for privacy breaches, and the implications of power and internet outages during severe weather events that are common in this country.

It is all that and more.

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