My IEA article on Covid in Australia

The Institute of Economic Affairs in London [the IEA] has published an article of mine on Dealing with Covid-19 in Australia. Most of it will be old news for us in Australia but I end with two paras on what needs to be done now:

Covid is disappearing as a lethal problem and is rapidly fading back into the pack as a serious disease affecting any but a relatively small handful of the population. In fact, most of those who are positively tested, are simply asked to go home and quarantine for two weeks.

What must now occur is that the Covid dogs are called off, genuinely serious cases should be dealt with in hospital as would occur if it were a bad case of the flu. Other than that, we should go back to business as usual, at least as was usual prior to March 2020. There should be no vaccine passports. No mask mandates. Our borders should be open to travel, especially our state borders, whose closure has been particularly absurd. Individuals should be permitted to do what they feel is best for themselves, as we all get on with our lives.

Unless the plan is to lock us down forever until Covid disappears, there is no alternative but to open our borders and our economies while doing what we can to care for those whom the virus infects.

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