Representation of opposing educational values

The Dunce

I came across the painting above accompanying this story: The Obliteration of Standards in Pursuit of “Social Justice”. The story was described in this way by its subhead:

“With their headlong, power-made rush to obliterate standards, progressives are destroying the people they purport to represent.”

But what interested me was the picture so I went looking for the picture on the net since I could not work out what the painting represented. A very sad child with a book in his hand. Was it something he had read? Was he depressed about something else? An interesting story, it seemed, but I had no idea what the story was. Turns out it was a painting by Harold Copping (1863–1932) titled, The Dunce, so it is apparently a paining depicting a young kid who finds learning has defeated his abilities. But I could find nothing else, beyond that it had been used to illustrate another article which had a completely different theme: Foreign Policy In An Ignorant Democracy. Here is what this article was about.

Support for Donald Trump was strongly correlated with low education.

So the painting was used as a representation of competing forms of ignorance. The first describes a policy which it is said is destroying education. The second is a story that more or less proves the first one is sadly all too accurate.

Think of this. The more educated one is, the more likely they are to have voted for Joe Biden. How stupid can you get?



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