Painting lipstick on a pig, Victorian version

This is an article about how Daniel Andrews’s despicable nature has been painted over and hidden: Digital Dan’s ex-social media guru reveals his secrets (that’s the actual headline on the paper, not online btw). This is the kind of work required to disguise someone who may be the most repulsive political leader in Australian history.

Dan Andrews’ Father's Day Twitter post.

His decisions have led to hundreds of deaths because of the Covid (850 out of Australia’s total number of covid deaths which are around 1100). He has massacred the Victorian economy whose public sector will be unable to pay its bills. He has no conception of how an economy works and is an ideologically empty vessel who has transformed Melbourne from the most livable city in the world to a backwater.

1 thought on “Painting lipstick on a pig, Victorian version

  1. That’s why I left Twitter in 2016 and Facebook in 2010… These are platforms to present a facade. I have a few friends who’s lives are in tatters juxtaposed with their Facebook account showing the world how great their life is.

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