Who are the stupid ones around here?

Received the following note from a friend, who reminds, by having sent this to me, that the lockdown is not all bad since we are not able to go out to dinner with him at the present moment. He writes:
“Great article Steve.I’m sure you will enjoy it. Not from FOX 🦊 but what the fuck , we can all find articles to support our world view: Should the unvaccinated be left behind?

The full title, “Should the unvaccinated be left behind — if their stupidity isn’t their fault?” And whether it is all that hard to find articles that encourage someone to take the vax is a ridiculous question since such articles are everywhere and constant.

For me, the probability of getting covid is not zero but pretty low. The probability of dying from covid seems even lower. The probability of having something go wrong medically some time in the future because I have had the vax is much greater than zero, is an unknown risk, and is, moreover, an additional risk which I prefer to avoid if I can since the vax does not prevent anyone from getting covid. Bring on a genuine vaccine and then I’m all in.

It really is a question that ought to have been asked why the American Congress explicitly rejected vaxxines for its members and its employees. It’s not entirely a matter of personal freedom, but is a matter of personal judgement. I do not think my not being vaxxinated endangers a single other person, but I do think getting the vax endangers me. 

And there is this. Anyone who has been vaxxinated must spend the rest of their lives wondering whether they now harbour within their bodies some foreign agent that will at some point do them in. And if they don’t have such thoughts in their minds, they are the stupid ones.

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