Compulsory vaxxination is unconstitutional in Australia

Received this from a friend who received it from someone else.

Reality will hit soon for State governments trying to impose no-go for the unvaccinated.
The Australian Constitution Section 53.23a bans Mandatory Vaccination under the Constitutional Guarantee and Civil Conscription bans enforced vaccination and refusal of service. 
According to the explanation by Melbourne barrister Darren Dixon, this cannot be overruled by any State government (not even WA!) and has been in case law for many years. 
Nothing about this will be changed, there are many examples in case law.
It negates any State attempt to enforce Covid vaccination or to refuse entry or service or use of an App.
Scomo has written about this and backs it.
Commonwealth law since the Referendum in 1946.
Melb Barrister Darren Dixon explains it here: Australian High Court Rules The Constitution BANS Mandatory Vaccination.
Whether this outlaws vaxxination passports is another thing altogether.

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