Protecting the health of children and adults

This is a website that examines the dangers of vaxxination for children: Safer to Wait – Protecting Children’s Health.

1. Children are at extremely low risk from Covid-19

2. They are not drivers of transmission

3. The vaccines use completely new technologies

4. Serious and fatal adverse reactions have been reported

5. There is no medium or long-term safety data

6. The vaccine manufacturers have zero liability

7. Natural immunity is safer and more effective

8. There are safe and effective treatments for Covid-19

9. Past emergency use vaccines have caused harm

10. It’s not needed for us to reach herd immunity

There is additional information on each of the above at the link.

3 thoughts on “Protecting the health of children and adults

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  2. If the intent was to protect the lives of children and adults then it might get read and acknowledged. But that’s not the intent. Is it?

  3. Those ten points are so glaringly obvious one has to wonder what motivates the frantic push to get children jabbed.

    How can the politicians be so sure they are right that all caution is thrown to the winds?

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