American foreign policy and the future of Afghanistan

Two takes from Instapundit to underscore just how unserious American foreign policy under the Democrats is. First this:

And then this.

I am not sure that we have any business dictating our values to anyone else, any more than they have a right to dictate their values to us. There are plenty of “rights” for women in Afghanistan, they’re just not the same rights women have in the West.

Come back in fifty years and see which way cultural trends are shifting. This is famously a photo taken in Afghanistan in the 1960s.

Women Get Vote in Afghanistan | Articles | ioLanche

Compare and contrast.

What are some photos which show how women were free in ...

The word “progress” is a very loaded term. I wonder how many favours American foreign policy has vested on your average Afghani citizen.

2 thoughts on “American foreign policy and the future of Afghanistan

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  2. Don’t know if anyone has noticed but we’re well on the way to Sharia, with the girls and the girlymen wearing face coverings. Curfews, restrictions… Sharia by a different name.

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