So much wilderness, so little reason

Below is my response to Peter Smith’s latest posts, one at The Pipeline and the other at Quadrant Online. First, however, these were the posts:

Vaccines: Blessing or Curse?
Covid, Data & Derangement

And this was my response.

As always, a complete bashing of covid histrionics. I continue to wish that logic would have some impact on what governments do, but we apparently trust governments to save us so much nowadays that we never think there is any individual responsibility involved. Fatal traffic accidents are the figures that I find the most interesting contrast with Covid – in the twelve months to July 2020, there were 1148, which turns out to be 102 per month. Way higher than covid, and these are people often, in fact mostly in the prime of life, many of them children. And I saw today that our health ministers are all but blocking the importing of inputs into vaping, which might have reduced deaths from lung cancer, but would have reduced revenues from tobacco taxes even more.
Specially liked this:
Booster jabs and tinkering with the vaccines may well become the public-health objective. Slipping into the shadows will be the objective of preventing serious illness and deaths. It’s called “Solutioneering” after the philosopher Roger James. Means become ends.
I guess if you are going to find yourself in such highbrow company at The Pipeline, you have to be able to demonstrate you belong, which you anyway already did.
Well done. A voice of reason in the wilderness. And there is certainly a lot of wilderness out there without much evidence of reason.

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