COVID-19 recommendations and rules have been illogical, inconsistent and/or harmful

From The Scientific Case against the Medical Establishment’s handling of COVID-19 – Part 1: Overview.

1 – Although our primary defense against almost any disease is our immune system, there has been almost no public education or emphasis about this by the Medical Establishment. Some claim that our immune system is ineffective until after it has been exposed to COVID-19 (Humoral immunity). However, children have proven to have a higher immunity against COVID-19 without having been exposed to it — which may say that their innate immune system (e.g., with T-cells) is stopping it. Additionally, children and adults can have some CrossReactive immunity, also rarely acknowledged or discussed. Most importantly, there is no down-side to adults getting in good health to maximize the power of their immune system.

2 – The general COVID-19 rules and recommendations from the Medical Establishment have been illogical, inconsistent and/or harmful.

Masks are a good example. To begin with, just requiring an unspecified standard “mask” is scientifically worthless  as most masks are ineffective. Studies have also concluded that masks can cause health issues. Also, one day the rules say masks are essential, and days later they are acknowledged as not being needed. Etc.

3 – COVID-19 data from (or supported by) the Medical Establishment, has been incomplete to purposefully deceptive. [This includes data about COVID-19 injections.] For example, the data on COVID-19 deaths fails to distinguish between dying from COVID-19 vs. dying with COVID-19. (Per the CDC: 95% of US COVID-19 deaths had an average of four (4) co-morbidi4es!) This results in highly inflated COVID-19 death figures, which allows government officials to justify enacting shutdowns, etc. Further, there is no accounting of deaths from the government regulations (e.g. suicides, drug overdoses, criminal acts, etc.).

4 – Inexplicably, to date the Medical Establishment has yet to support some well-documented effec4ve COVID-19 therapies (see this outstanding discussion by a renowned MD). The main “therapy” (for what the Medical Establishment calls a pandemic), has been for vic4ms to go home, drink fluids, etc. — then go to the hospital when they are in dire straits. This stunningly inadequate protocol is despite well-documented scientific studies that various therapies (when started early) will markedly improve a pa4ent’s outcome. Even OTCs like Zinc and Vitamin D have been scientifically shown to have measurable benefits. (Combining them would likely result in even beher outcomes.) Conversely, the Medical Establishment has endorsed a therapy (Remdesivir) that has scientifically been shown to be less effective than essen4ally all other op4ons, and no more effective than taking Vitamin C! This is what the FDA boasts is their understanding of: “The Science of Safety and Effectiveness.” Last, consider that emergency use vaccines are only allowed when there is not an approved therapy… No one knows for sure, but the lack of a sound and uniform COVID-19 therapy, has likely been the cause of over 100,000 American deaths.

5 – The Medical Establishment allowed the PCR test to be used to determine whether or not an individual (e.g., a deceased person) has COVID-19 — while the inventor said that this was a “useless” application.

6 – The Medical Establishment’s handling of COVID-19 injections, has been in conflict with Science and their obligation to act in the best interest of the public. See here for details. Some of this unscientific behavior may be attributed to the (unstated) COVID-19 end game. From appearances the Medical Establishment’s objective seems to be to eradicate COVID-19. Although that may sound desirable to citizens, the reality is that it is an impossibility. The Medical Establishment should instead acknowledge that the best we can do is to evolve the COVID-19 pandemic, to a manageable endemic (like the flu). A key part of this plan is to have an effective therapy protocol — which has been missing here.

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