The regressive Canadian left

It has apparently become a badge of honour on the left to be able to denounce one’s own country as having perpetrated genocidal policies on some members of its own population. Germans don’t do this because genocide is a genuine horror and you do not want anything genocidal associated with one’s own history and culture. But not in Canada. This is from: The Canadian Historical Association’s Fake ‘Consensus’ on Canadian Genocide.

Ottawa, Canada – July 1, 2021: Thousands marched in the Cancel Canada Day march which ended up with a rally on Parliament Hill. Paul McKinnon / Alamy Stock Photo

The campaign to label Canada a genocide state isn’t an isolated phenomenon, but is playing out as part of a larger effort to destroy any publicly displayed symbol of national pride. This has included a concerted effort to rename organizations, and remove or destroy statues, on the logic that their mere existence “creates an unsafe environment” for historically marginalized groups. Many of the actors demanding this purge are activists. But an unsettling number are professional historians. This includes Adele Perry at the University of Manitoba, a former president of the Canadian Historical Association. A few months ago, Perry co-authored an article linking the defence of John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, with those who “serve white supremacy and protect the colonial status quo.” One of Perry’s University of Manitoba colleagues, Sean Carleton, denounces ideological opponents as being practitioners of “residential-school denialism,” a term that seems intended to put them in the same moral category as holocaust deniers.

Of course, the fact that North American university faculties are now dominated by progressive politics is widely known—having been richly documented by University of London professor Eric Kaufmann and others. But again, it is one thing to staff faculties with thinkers who are ideologically monolithic in their individual capacities, and another thing for a group of these scholars to make their bias plain in an institutional capacity, as the CHA has done. This crosses a line.

These protesters apparently wouldn’t have done it, whatever “it” happens to be. In this case, “it” consists of shifting the children of North American original inhabitants (is that neutral enough?) into schools far from their homes to educate them in the same ways that the “European-Canadians” (is that OK?) were educating their own children. That some of these children also died while at these schools is a tragedy, but it was not a genocide. 

The modern left may be the most repulsive people ever raised as part of Western culture. They know no history, have a dessicated morality, but they know what they like among the vast smattering of ignorance that now passed for knowledge amongst them.

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