Covid experts wrong again (and again)

Why is none of this on the local news: COVID Cases Fell 40% in the UK After Restrictions Were Lifted, Proving the Experts Wrong Yet Again.

On Sunday July 18, people across the United Kingdom celebrated when the clock struck midnight. It was “freedom day.”

With 87 percent of residents at least partially vaccinated, the government was lifting its remaining restrictions. No longer would mask wearing and social distancing be mandatory in England.

“We want people to take back their freedoms as they can today,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

The Associated Press reported that for the first time in nearly 18 months, night clubs were permitted to open “and from London to Liverpool, thousands of people danced the night away at ‘Freedom Day’ parties starting at midnight.”

And what happened?

Of course, Australians seem to like being in lockdown. The harsher the better – bring on the lash. Of course, in Victoria, twenty new cases is a catastrophe and front page news. Don’t believe me? Melbourne lockdown extended as state records 20 new cases. A nation of craven fools.

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