A new dark age on its way

The tearing down phase is well on its way. The re-building stage will never occur. There is also this as well but that’s just local. It is the anti-capitalist ignoramus envy that will create the disasters, of which this is just one example.

In 1994 the ANC inherited the strongest economy in Africa, with excellent infrastructure, including cheap, reliable electricity. The ANC has wrecked it all. We have continual blackouts; the passenger railways are crumbling into ruin; most of the municipalities are dysfunctional, with appalling water supply and sewage running in the streets; South African Airways is bankrupt; the economy is crippled; deep poverty is widespread, and unemployment is at 43 per cent (including many who have given up looking for work). This tragedy has been caused by systematic corruption, a bloated government, ruinous racial laws and a relentless assault on private enterprise. Violent crime alarms the rich and terrifies the poor. The ANC government responded to Covid-19 with a clumsy and callous lockdown. A team of actuaries showed that many more South African lives would be lost by the lockdown than by the virus. The ANC ignored them. The country was a tinderbox waiting for a spark.

Covid may be the excuse but the underlying mission to destroy our wealth-creation process and become the New Cuba is everywhere. With the Soviet Union, its fall was encouraged by the existence of the United States. Now there will be nothing around to show the way.

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