Vaccine propagandists and the big lie

After I read this article – Don’t Combat Covid Hysteria with Vaccine Hysteria – what occurred to me was this. That it is as if I was told that to protect myself from Covid I had to take a parachute jump from an aeroplane at 2000 feet. Once I had landed safely, then everything after that would be fine. The question then would be whether I would survive the parachute jump, which was very likely, but not certain, or whether this leap of faith would actually protect me from the virus long-term, which increasingly seems unlikely.

This is the core argument in the article.

No More Myths:

  1. No, the vaccines don’t “change your RNA.”  This presentation offers a solid explanation of how the mRNA vaccine works.
  2. No, the spike protein doesn’t make you ill. See above.
  3. No, the vaccines are not some sinister plot by Bill Gates to reduce population.
  4. No, Big Pharma is not in league with the government to put poison in your body. The only way to encourage private enterprise to develop vaccines was to remove liability.
  5. No, the CCCP did not intentionally release the virus. It would make for a really lousy bioweapon that only kills old and/or sick people. China depends on the global economy, especially that of the U.S., for its own economic health (for now). Had this been intentional, multiple people would have been deliberately infected and flown around the world to spread it. That didn’t happen.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. The vaccines must do something to the way your body operates or they are doing nothing at all. What are the physiological changes that will occur and what are the long-term effects?
  2. Lots of people have been made ill who have taken the vaccine. What has caused these illnesses, and what can we expect in the future that we are unable to know of so far?
  3. I doubt any of this has been initiated by Bill Gates but there are many others who see some kind of political advantage that will accrue to them based on the covid panic. Everything about the way this has unfolded – eg “two weeks to flatten the curve”* – has appeared to be political and very little seems to have been purely medical
  4. Removing liability will hardly make me believe that the pharmaceutical companies are completely confident that there are no dangers. The pharmaceutical companies do understand that as much as they may wish to limit physical harm to those who take the vaccines, nothing can be certain without the normal period of testing that typically takes place prior to the release of such vaccines. In any case, they are in it for the money – which is perfectly all right with me as a motivation – but hardly makes me trust the vaccines any more than if they had produced them out of the kindness of their hearts.
  5. The notion that the CCCP are innocent and blameless is absurd and even to say so is disgusting. The Chinese were developing this bio-weapon. possibly even in cahoots with the US and Dr Fauci. There can have been no purpose in developing a bio-weapon other than to undermine one’s political enemies. Even if everything related the release of covid was accidental, and happened most by chance, to absolve the CCCP of a large share of the responsibility is morally and politically repulsive.

Taking such a personally-risky step as taking any of these vaccines should be left to each individual to decide for themselves. There are also risks in not taking the vaccine which, if the vaccines actually do what they say they do, mostly fall on those who do not wish to do so. And there are still Ivermectin and HCQ for anyone who wishes to protect themselves without taking these potentially risky injections.

* As an added footnote to all this, I put this into google, “two weeks to”, and guess what did not come up. And then there was this comment from here which begins with a quote:

“No coronavirus vaccine has been developed until now, and one suspects if it wasn’t for the Covid panic, these current Covid “vaccines” would be called failed vaccines and have never left the laboratory because they clearly don’t protect against catching Covid”

Unfortunately, it’s worse than that – the reason for failure of all previous coronavirus vax projects is ‘Antibody Dependent Enhancement’ (ADE) – which means the vaccines DO succeed in generating antibodies in the host, but that subsequent exposure to the wild virus results in WORSE infection because the antibodies potentiate the disease. We are already seeing INCREASED hospitalisation in vax vs unvaxxed people (the Israeli data I saw says vaccination increases the risk of Delta hospitalising you by 5x!!) , which is EXACTLY what you would expect with ADE.

Something deeply deeply sinister is currently going on, worldwide, in this co-ordinated campaign to force everybody to get the vaccine.

1 thought on “Vaccine propagandists and the big lie

  1. Here’s a cynical view of the balderdash we’ve been forced to listen to.
    For some reason some bodies want 100% vaccination. Their argument is -if you don’t take the vaccine you will die of Covid. They want everyone vaccinated. If what they claim is true why should they be bothered at people who don’t take the vaccine? According to them the unvaccinated will die of Covid, so the only people left will all be vaccinated.

    The other side. Those against the Covid vaccination warn that the vaccination might kill or cause lifelong health damage. If they are right, the unvaccinated will continue to live in health but an unknown number of vaccinated will die or suffer illness.

    Why not let people freely choose without coercion? The consequences of people’s own actions will ultimately prove which viewpoint is correct.

    I think the answer to that “why” is what the entire situation is about.

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