Covid provocateurs

Such buffoons, my country: Australian Border Force investigates Katie Hopkins quarantine breach as controversial Brit dropped from Big Brother.

British provocateur Katie Hopkins has been dropped from Australia’s upcoming ‘Big Brother VIP’ and is being investigated by the Australian Border Force after she claimed to have purposefully broken strict quarantine rules.

Hopkins caused a storm of controversy on Saturday after she announced that she had landed in Sydney and was now in mandatory quarantine, despite the fact that tens of thousands of Australians are still stranded abroad and unable to return home due to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s strict Covid-19 pandemic entry caps.

Hopkins’ arrival caused further anger when she claimed in an Instagram video to have intentionally broken strict quarantine requirements by opening her hotel room door naked without a face mask when hotel employees bring her food, in an effort to “frighten the s*** out of them.”

The British television personality soon faced calls for her deportation from Australian citizens and politicians alike and now appears to be in hot water with authorities over the incident.

Of course we have provocateurs of our own, the blesséd Nick Cater: Boris Johnson leads the way on Covid rules – are we game to follow?

The expert class turned out in force last week with pessimistic predictions about the nightmare soon to be visited upon British hospitals and mortuaries because of the Prime Minister’s latest folly.

A letter signed by 100 medical experts in The Lancet accused Boris Johnson’s government of “embarking on a dangerous and unethical experiment” by ending social distancing rules. Mike Ryan, head of the World Health Organisation’s Health Emergencies Program, said the rush to reopen the economy amounted to “moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”.

Johnson’s courage in defying the experts is a virtue that should be emulated by political leaders closer to home. In Britain, Johnson revives the Dunkirk spirit, fighting Covid-19 on the beaches, landing grounds, fields and in the streets. In Australia, premiers call on their subjugated citizens to fight the virus from their couches.

Experts in the Chinese Flu have been discredited across the world, replaced by the likes of Nick and Katie Hopkins.

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