The silence of the lambda

Our elites are some of the stupidest people ever to have risen to the top of our social tree, not to mention how evil they are. They are determined to corral us into some kind of socialist viper’s nest and are using Covid to the fullest extent that they can. But the little bugger just won’t play ball: A worrying new strain of COVID-19 has been reported in the UK as scientists remain uncertain whether it could be resistant to vaccines.

Global health experts are concerned an ‘unusual’ mutation of the Lambda variant could be resistant to vaccines.

The Lambda variant, formally known as C.37, was first detected in Peru, and is responsible for more than 80 per cent of the country’s cases.

A study at the University of Chile, Santiago, looked into the effect of Lambda on workers who had received two doses of China’s CoronaVac Vaccine.

Results suggest Lambda is more infectious than Gamma and Alpha and is better able to escape the antibodies produced by vaccines.

“We observed an increased infectivity mediated by the lambda spike protein that was even higher than that of the D614G or the Alpha and Gamma variants,” the study wrote.

“Our data show for the first time that mutations present in the spike protein of the Lambda variant confer increased infectivity and escape to neutralising antibodies elicited by the inactivated virus vaccine CoronaVac.”

Don’t expect to find any of that in your local paper. Instead, this is what our media will do.

And you know what? After labda comes something else.

A LAMBDA UPDATE: First this from the comments which I thought was genius, except when I went to find it, it wasn’t there. So I will try to replicate it myself:

The next version if they follow along with the Greek alphabet will be the Xi version, which would be very ironic.

As in:


Like it, but I am a classical scholar, as in classical economic theory.

Found it! He said it much better than I did.

They seems to have skipped a few letters of the greek alphabet to get to Lambda. I suspect the next variant might be labelled the “Xi” variant which would be ironic.

And there is more on this lambda version’s imperviousness to vaccines: Lambda Covid variant’s ‘unusual’ mutations puzzle scientists. From the Financial Times even:

Lambda, the latest coronavirus variant to draw the attention of the World Health Organization, is worrying officials in Latin America and puzzling scientists because of its “unusual” set of mutations.

Might add in this highly recommended comment which seems to cover the waterfront:

COVID scare article. FT needs to pop up a few a week otherwise everyone will think is time to go back to normal life.

Normal life! You’ll have to remind me what that is.

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