Australia’s tragic media

How independent do you suppose these two stories are?

First: Fox News Heir Spent $20 Million Opposing Trump. First para:

James Murdoch, an heir to the Fox News fortune, spent $20 million opposing Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection while funneling another $100 million through a nonprofit to support leftwing political groups, according to a new report.

And then, second, from The Australian today: Evangelicals’ faith misplaced in Trump. This is the second last para.

In all the circumstances, and given the available choices, voting for Trump was not unreasonable. Idealising him, seeing him as a cultural saviour, learning to hate all his enemies, letting something of his abusive, spiteful spirit seep into your being, that was a terrible mistake.

That is a classical statement from a journalist employed by the newspaper to present the news. There is a difference on the editorial page, where there is a range of views presented, from the astonishingly deep and readable Henry Ergas through to a number of others who are barely worth a glance at the headline put above the waste of newsprint they publish.

But as for the paper itself, it has been and remains deeply on the left and as anti-Trump as the New York Times. It was, you will recall, this same paper that supported Kevin Rudd against John Howard in the 2007 Federal election.

This is part of the tragedy of the times in which we live.

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