I guess it will be all right, I guess

CDC Revises Vaccine Screener 9 Times in 6 Months. They keep changing things since they keep finding out things. Or in more specific terms, from the link:

Version #1 of the screener advised medical personnel there was “no available data” concerning the safety of getting a COVID-19 vaccine while you’re pregnant, but said “studies and results are expected soon.” In other words, medical personnel were fully aware from the outset that every pregnant woman receiving these vaccines is a full-fledged guinea pig. As is her unborn child.

Version #10 now devotes four paragraphs to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Here’s a portion of one of those paragraphs:

Based on current knowledge, experts believe that COVID-19 vaccines are unlikely to pose a risk to the pregnant person or fetus. …However the potential risks of COVID-19 vaccines for this population are unknown because the vaccines have not been studied in pregnant people. [bold added]

Experts believe. Bad outcomes are unlikely. But we don’t actually know. Why aren’t patients given this information directly? Why isn’t it included, in stark black and white, on the part of the document provided to people before they receive their shot?

Come back in seven years and then we’ll have a clearer idea. This is the latest screening form. Not all that straightforward. You have to wonder why they want to know.

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