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What do you do if a girl hits you?

“An aggressive action from anyone should be rejected and punished.”

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Why is it OK for a woman to hit a man, but it’s wrong for that same man to hit that same woman back in self-defense?
Is it right if a girl hits you and you hit her back?
What should a guy do if a girl hits him?
Is it okay to hit a girl if she hit you first?
What do you do when a woman hits you? Do you hit back, ignore her, or threaten to call the police?
Say a woman hits a man for no reason. The man did not provoke her in any way. Does the man have every right to hit a woman back, in self defense, for hitting him for no reason?
How come boys aren’t allowed to hit girls but I see a lot of girls hitting boys?
What can you do if a girl hits you and you’re a guy and you can’t hit her back?
In America, why are people shocked when a man hits a female back? Why should man not hit back a female, when he would hit back another male?
Is it illegal to hit a woman for self-defense?
The answers are similar throughout. If someone is attacked, whether by a woman or a man, the right to defend oneself is universally understood.

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  2. good question… i have been slapped by a few women – for what? for winning an argument… i have never and will never hit a women back… but yes, good point, different for women like things are different for Dems LOL
    BTW during the weekdays i was a caretaker at church and one of the older ladies (she was a bit mental) would touch me inappropriately a few times, she thought it was funny, but i thought to myself ‘if the role was reversed i would lose my job, career etc etc etc etc’

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